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Know Your Worth, Own Your Future: Navigating Tough Talks with Employers at NAPSA Congress 2024

Imagine this: you're a bright-eyed, bushy-tailed pharmacy graduate, degree freshly signed, eager to conquer the world. Armed with knowledge and passion, you land your first "real" pharmacy job. But...

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Credibility = Success

How credible are you?   Would you employ yourself? Would you want to work for you? Whether you are looking for a new role, or are an employer looking to secure a new person to your team, i...

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Shortage Reporting Blog

Pharmaceutical companies have two days to report shortages from Jan 2019

"In early 2018, Australia was hit by a shortage of EpiPens, which provide lifesaving adrenalin for people who have had an acute allergic response. In this and a number of other cases, shortages wer...

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Rr Jul2018 Napsa Dinner Blog Title

NAPSA Annual Dinner in Melbourne

On the evening of Saturday 14th July, Raven’s Recruitment Director, Alan Sutton attended the National Australian Pharmacy Students’ Association (NAPSA) annual dinner in Melbourne. Mr Sutton was amo...

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Rr 2018 Jul25 Pd Generosity Blog

The Secret Ingredient in the Staff Retainment Recipe

Generosity - sounds simple enough doesn’t it? The natural go-to when you hear the word generosity is money - just give your people more money and you get to keep them. If only it was so simpl...

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What is the heart and soul of pharmacy?

I believe the heart and soul of every successful pharmacy - community or hospital - is undoubtedly it’s people. Unfortunately, it’s a stark truth that we speak with pharmacy staff every day who ...

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Don’t burn your bridges - Part 2

So how do you best exit a position without burning any of your professional bridges? In terms of how to actually break the bad news to the relevant person, you’ll need to have a conversation wit...

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Don’t burn your bridges - Part 1

Given today's work environment is more connected than ever before, maintaining relationships when resigning is vital. Professional networks like LinkedIn and Facebook make for news of an ugly exodu...

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Blog Security Min

What security do you provide?

With the Government putting renewed pressures on community pharmacy, I believe there would be no surprise that there are a lot of nervous community pharmacy employees out there at the moment, as ph...

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