Know Your Worth, Own Your Future: Navigating Tough Talks with Employers at NAPSA Congress 2024

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Imagine this: you're a bright-eyed, bushy-tailed pharmacy graduate, degree freshly signed, eager to conquer the world. Armed with knowledge and passion, you land your first "real" pharmacy job. But then, reality bites. Maybe the workload is crushing, the pay doesn't reflect your value, or work-life balance feels like a mythical creature. What do you do? How do you, a fresh face in this vast professional landscape, navigate these tricky conversations with your employer?

Enter Heidi Dariz, General Manager of Raven's Recruitment, and her workshop at the recent NAPSA Congress 2024, hosted by The Pharmacy Guild of Australia. "Know Your Worth - Handling tricky conversations with your employer" drew a packed house, buzzing with student energy. As Dariz put it, "with tomorrow's Pharmacists, the future of pharmacy shines brightly!"

But let's face it, those future stars deserve to shine not just in potential, but in reality. Dariz's workshop tackled the nitty-gritty of those "tricky conversations." Salary negotiations can feel like climbing Mount Everest in Crocs, promotions seem like mythical unicorns, and work-life balance? A mere whisper in the wind. Dariz equipped pharmacy students with the tools to handle these challenges with confidence.

Beyond Salary Negotiations: The Deeper Worth of Knowing Your Worth

Raven's Recruitment understands that "knowing your worth" goes beyond just a dollar figure. It's about understanding your value as a skilled professional, your contribution to the team, and your personal growth potential. Dariz's workshop wasn't just a crash course in salary negotiation tactics (though it covered that too!), it was an empowering session that helped students recognise their voice and wield it effectively.

So, you have questions about your worth? No sweat! The team at Raven's Recruitment is here to be your career compass. They specialise in connecting passionate pharmacists with their dream jobs, ensuring that bright future Dariz spoke of translates into fulfilling, rewarding careers.

Remember, "knowing your worth" isn't just a one-time workshop or a negotiation tactic. It's a continuous journey of self-discovery, empowerment, and owning your career path. So, the next time you face a "tricky conversation" with your employer, channel your inner pharmacy superhero, armed with the knowledge and confidence you deserve. And hey, if you need a trusty sidekick on your career journey, Raven's Recruitment is just a phone call away.

Ready to find a pharmacy job you love? Don't let potential roadblocks dim your future. Know your worth, own your voice, and shine bright! What are you waiting for? Your dream pharmacy job awaits!