The Secret Ingredient in the Staff Retainment Recipe

Rr 2018 Jul25 Pd Generosity Blog

Generosity - sounds simple enough doesn’t it?

The natural go-to when you hear the word generosity is money - just give your people more money and you get to keep them.

If only it was so simple.

Whilst people are looking to be remunerated well for their days work, there are many ways to be generous with your employees that will help them feel valued and as a result wanting to stay with your business.

With the transient pharmacy market that we are experiencing, I think one of the top things that pharmacy owners are concerned about is having a secure, reliable team who are committed.

I believe this is attainable and here are a few tips towards achieving this.

Be generous with:

  •          feedback - give the good with the bad.

  •          listening - don’t shut down their ideas.

  •          surprises - could be a morning tea/early mark/unexpected day off.

  •          respect - see who they are as a person - not just an employee.

All are things that cost little in monetary terms but will take a bit of thought and then action.

The reward is having a team that feel valued and wouldn’t dream of leaving, providing consistency which makes for happy customers resulting in a successful business.

In addition, I expect you will enjoy being the “boss” more than you possibly do now.


By Debbie Capuano, Recruitment Consultant at Raven’s Recruitment.