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2020 Pharmacy Salary and Market Report

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As part of our ongoing mission to provide you, our colleagues and peers, with the latest information and research, this Raven's Pharmacy Salary and Market Report offers a comprehensive insight into the Pharmacy Industry, including a particular focus on the current state of wages and career opportunities within it.

Drawing on our 30 years of expertise and experience as Australia’s leading Pharmacy Recruitment Agency, this salary guide is an initiative developed by the Raven's team, paired with commentary from Industry leaders, employer groups and other pharmacy professionals.

It accurately reflects the dynamic landscape of Pharmacy and the versatile employment markets throughout Australia and New Zealand, offering you a valuable perspective to help make better-informed decisions.

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and the associated economic costs have been devastating, businesses all across the country have reduced hours, reduced staff or closed down operations altogether. Services like those provided by pharmacies, however, have been deemed essential and continued to operate amid the pandemic.

The crisis has emphasised the role of pharmacists as part of the front-line care team, with Pharmacists taking an active part in delivering essential counselling, information and medicines supply to patients and local communities. With a significant increase in demand for medicines, coupled with a change in public behaviour, such as panic buying, pharmacy teams have been under enormous pressure. One of the key stand outs during this period have been the way pharmacies have adapted and responded quickly, ensuring they have kept their staff and customers safe, and developing innovative approaches to the delivery of services and engaging with customers.

In this climate, it is even more important to stay on top of the key trends and issues that will shape the pharmacy industry. I am therefore pleased to present our Raven’s Pharmacy Salary and Market Report 2020.

On behalf of the Raven’s Recruitment team, I hope you can use this information to help inform the business decisions you will make over the coming year. We look forward to discussing it with you soon.

Kind regards,

Heidi Dariz
General Manager of Raven's Recruitment
October 2020

Heidi Dariz

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