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Dall·E 2024 07 16 14

A New Chapter for NAPSA: Welcoming the 2024/2025 Executive Team

​Imagine the excitement and anticipation in the air as pharmacy students from across Australia gathered at the University of South Australia in Adelaide. The atmosphere was electric, with conversat...

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Dall·E 2024 07 02 16

Navigating the Vaping Reforms: A Guide for Australian Community Pharmacists

​Picture this: It's a typical morning at your community pharmacy in Sydney. You're helping Mrs. Johnson with her blood pressure medication when a young man walks in, clutching a small box. He looks...

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Dall·E 2024 06 17 11

Embracing the Aged Care On-site Pharmacist (ACOP) Role: A Positive Step Forward

​Imagine walking into a residential aged care facility where residents greet you with a smile, knowing that their medication management is in safe, expert hands. This is the reality for Aged Care O...

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Budget Win! How the Albanese Government's Budget Benefits Aussie Community Pharmacies

​Remember that time a patient told you they couldn't afford their medication? Thanks to some key measures in the Albanese Government's 2024 Commonwealth Budget, that might become a thing of the pas...

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Shutterstock 430087837 Sml   News Update

Why Pharmacy Students should be included in the new Commonwealth Prac Payment

​In the small town of Mudgee, NSW, the local community pharmacist starts their day before the first light creeps through the pharmacy door. As the town awakens, their pharmacy becomes a bustling hu...

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Shutterstock 430087837 Sml   News Update

Industry Insights from Raven's Recruitment as featured in AJP

As the General Manager of Australia's leading pharmacy recruitment specialist, I was recently featured in two AJP articles discussing trends in the pharmacy job market that I would like to share wi...

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Dall·E 2024 04 09 19

Australian Labor Government: Striking a Balance for Pharmacists and Small Businesses

Imagine this: you're a community pharmacist, the backbone of your local neighbourhood. You dispense medication, answer health questions, and provide a friendly face for those in need. But behind th...

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Pbcn Banner Ap2024 Pbcn Webinar   Insights Into Wages And Employment Trends

Free Webinar: Insights into Wages and Employment Trends featuring Raven's Recruitment; a PBCN Event!

​Because Raven's Recruitment is at the forefront of the current state of pharmacy employment in Australia today, our GM Heidi Dariz has been invited by the Pharmacy Guild of Australia to be a prese...

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Dall·E 2024 03 27 13

Welcoming Progress on the 8th Community Pharmacy Agreement: A Milestone for Australian Pharmacy

​In the ever-evolving landscape of Australian healthcare, a beacon of progress shines brightly on the horizon for community pharmacists across the nation. With the recent advancements in the negoti...

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