What security do you provide?

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With the Government putting renewed pressures on community pharmacy, I believe there would be no surprise that there are a lot of nervous community pharmacy employees out there at the moment, as pharmacy owners look for areas in which to save.

Are their hours going to be cut or will they even have a job at all in the pharmacy where perhaps they have faithfully worked for many years?

You not only need to have outstanding people working in your business, but you need them to feel secure within your team or you risk losing them to other industries or to ill health.

Living with constant insecurity within the work place can be highly stressful. Some studies suggest that living with job insecurity - “the fear of losing your job” - can be more harmful to your health than actually losing it!

An open and honest conversation with your staff could go a long way towards them being on the same page as you, rather than on the rocky ground of uncertainty. Get alongside your team, be transparent and I believe you will reap the results.

Healthcare is always going to be needed and valued by the community - and it’s your “people” who will be the difference that will keep the community coming back to you!

Debbie Capuano - Recruitment Consultant
Debbie has been with Raven's for 15 years and looks after permanent recruitment for Queensland, the Northern Territory and Western Australia - call Debbie on 1800 429 829 or email for your recruitment or career needs.