Credibility = Success

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How credible are you?  

Would you employ yourself?

Would you want to work for you?

Whether you are looking for a new role, or are an employer looking to secure a new person to your team, it’s important that you can show credibility in an interview.

Would you be able to express your credibility in a meeting with a person you’ve never met before?  

Some ways to do this would be excellent personal presentation, your interpersonal style, your ability to articulate what you are offering, your track record of success, the confidence you instil in the person sitting opposite you that you can deliver on the promise you are making -  “I will be able to fulfil the requirements of your available role” or perhaps “You will love working for my organisation”

In pharmacy, as in other industries, it can be a small world, so it is important that you maintain a credible reputation – whether that be as an employer or as an employee.

Your reputation can catch up with you when you least expect it.

To ensure it stays credible, you need to be a person of your word, consistent in your good behaviour towards others and trustworthy. This could make the difference between securing that role you really want, or bringing on board that Pharmacist that you think would be a great fit with your team.

We would all like to go to sleep at night feeling confident that we have a credible reputation? It’s never too late to work on improving on how you are received in the work place or personally. It could be hard work, but surely this would be worth the investment as a credible reputation is priceless in all areas of life.


By Debbie Capuano, Recruitment Consultant at Raven’s Recruitment.