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Dall·E 2024 04 09 19

Australian Labor Government: Striking a Balance for Pharmacists and Small Businesses

Imagine this: you're a community pharmacist, the backbone of your local neighbourhood. You dispense medication, answer health questions, and provide a friendly face for those in need. But behind th...

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Pbcn Banner Ap2024 Pbcn Webinar   Insights Into Wages And Employment Trends

Free Webinar: Insights into Wages and Employment Trends featuring Raven's Recruitment; a PBCN Event!

​Because Raven's Recruitment is at the forefront of the current state of pharmacy employment in Australia today, our GM Heidi Dariz has been invited by the Pharmacy Guild of Australia to be a prese...

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Shutterstock 430087837 Sml   News Update

Avoiding Common Onboarding Mistakes: A Guide for Australian Pharmacy Employers

​In the dynamic world of healthcare recruitment, successful onboarding of new hires is crucial for retention, productivity, and overall organisational success. An effective onboarding process not o...

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Health Engine Screen Shot 2021 11 03 At 8

HealthEngine provides new same-day prescription delivery for patients in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne

​53% of patients get their prescriptions when leaving their GP appointments, according to HealthEngine. The other 47% are individuals who can’t make appointments either due to lockdown or a lack...

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Shutterstock 558736885 Sml

Attracting (and keeping) Australia's rural health workers

​Supporting more health workers to remain in rural and remote Australian communities is about helping them settle in socially, as well as professionally.Australians in rural and remote areas have p...

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Shutterstock 1158954148 Sml

Avoiding Burnout - How you can help your Pharmacists

I recently posted an article about the affects burnout on the job can have on pharmacists and got some interesting reactions. One pharmacist even commented saying “that is just part of their job as...

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Pharmacy Owners Congress Banner

How to Attract and Retain the Right Employees

Attending the recent inaugural Pharmacy Owners Congress in Byron Bay, a common theme amongst Pharmacy owners was how do we attract and retain the right employees for our business? Talented and h...

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Rr 2018 Jul25 Pd Generosity Blog

The Secret Ingredient in the Staff Retainment Recipe

Generosity - sounds simple enough doesn’t it? The natural go-to when you hear the word generosity is money - just give your people more money and you get to keep them. If only it was so simpl...

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App18 Blog Image

APP2018 Conference Wrap Up

The 28th annual APP Conference has been touted as a resounding success by the 6,200 delegates who attended the four day event on the Gold Coast. With the event held as a once off in May, delegates ...

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Shutterstock 228213820 Sml

What is the heart and soul of pharmacy?

I believe the heart and soul of every successful pharmacy - community or hospital - is undoubtedly it’s people. Unfortunately, it’s a stark truth that we speak with pharmacy staff every day who ...

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