Avoiding Burnout - How you can help your Pharmacists

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I recently posted an article about the affects burnout on the job can have on pharmacists and got some interesting reactions. One pharmacist even commented saying “that is just part of their job as a retail pharmacist”. I strongly believe we can’t accept this as the norm. If you are an employer, and your pharmacist is stressed, overworked and exhausted, you can’t afford to ignore the issue, even if they are not directly asking for help.

Burnout can lead to mistakes being made, a drop in customer service, tension between the staff, negative effects on the staff members mental health and much more. Dealing with medication requires concentration and an alert mind, when pharmacists are working over 45 hours plus per week, without breaks their mental and physical health can suffer.

Often pharmacists may not want to speak about this for many reasons, but it is something that needs to be addressed. More often than not, by the time we hear about the issues, the pharmacist may well have already walked out, and it’s too late.

Pharmacists spend a lot of time looking after the needs of others and to be able to maintain this without burning out, is essential to take steps to maintain mental health by managing stress through a healthy lifestyle including: regular exercise, a healthy diet, adequate sleep, and ensuring sufficient for relaxation and pleasurable activities with friends and loved ones

The Pharmacists' Support Service provide help and support for all pharmacists on their dedicated support line, 1300 244 910, but as an employer, you have a responsibility for the health and well-being of your staff. Bringing in additional Pharmacists, even on a locum basis for a short period of time, will reduce the workload and stress on your current staff, and allow them a welcome break.  A happy pharmacist means your business will thrive and the community will be looked after.

By Nivi Kent, Locum Recruitment Consultant at Raven’s Recruitment.


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