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Avoiding Common Onboarding Mistakes: A Guide for Australian Pharmacy Employers

​In the dynamic world of healthcare recruitment, successful onboarding of new hires is crucial for retention, productivity, and overall organisational success. An effective onboarding process not o...

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With the commencement of 60-Day Dispensing

​With the commencement of 60-Day Dispensing it’s never been more important to have your strategy locked in, your support network in place, and industry partners who have withstood the test of time ...

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How partnering with a Recruitment Consultant helps you get better career outcomes

​Searching for a job is a dynamic process and it has a significant bearing on your career trajectory. It’s common to feel a lot of tension in the application process, which is justified because y...

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How to Attract and Retain the Right Employees

Attending the recent inaugural Pharmacy Owners Congress in Byron Bay, a common theme amongst Pharmacy owners was how do we attract and retain the right employees for our business? Talented and h...

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NAPSA Annual Dinner in Melbourne

On the evening of Saturday 14th July, Raven’s Recruitment Director, Alan Sutton attended the National Australian Pharmacy Students’ Association (NAPSA) annual dinner in Melbourne. Mr Sutton was amo...

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APP2018 Conference Wrap Up

The 28th annual APP Conference has been touted as a resounding success by the 6,200 delegates who attended the four day event on the Gold Coast. With the event held as a once off in May, delegates ...

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Do you ever stop to ask yourself why?

With a large number of pharmacy owners Australia-wide struggling to secure Pharmacists for their businesses, one of the most commonly asked questions we are getting is “what’s going on?” I think...

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Psychometric testing in job interviews - what are they looking for?

With Pharmacy employers utilising Psychometric tests in determining who to hire more and more, potential employees need to understand what these tests are measuring, and what employers are looking ...

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Give your people a chance to shine

One of the biggest challenges for pharmacy owners is staffing and getting it right. If you have gone to all the effort of securing a new staff member for your business, you want to make sure tha...

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