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Rr Jul2018 Napsa Dinner Blog Title

NAPSA Annual Dinner in Melbourne

On the evening of Saturday 14th July, Raven’s Recruitment Director, Alan Sutton attended the National Australian Pharmacy Students’ Association (NAPSA) annual dinner in Melbourne. Mr Sutton was amo...

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Rr 2018 Jul25 Pd Generosity Blog

The Secret Ingredient in the Staff Retainment Recipe

Generosity - sounds simple enough doesn’t it? The natural go-to when you hear the word generosity is money - just give your people more money and you get to keep them. If only it was so simpl...

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Pd Leanne

Top 5 Returning to the Workforce Job Interview Tips

Pharmacy Daily - Weekly Comment Congratulations, you have bub into a perfect routine and you are ready to return to the workforce. Firstly, not too much has changed w...

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Pd Nivi

How To Be The Best Possible Locum

Pharmacy Daily - Weekly Comment As a locum you are working across so many different pharmacies, so we have put together a few tips on ensuring you can be the best possible ...

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