Top 5 Returning to the Workforce Job Interview Tips

Pd Leanne

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Congratulations, you have bub into a perfect routine and you are ready to return to the workforce.

Firstly, not too much has changed while you have been away so be confident, it may be your first interview for a long time - below are some tips to help you leave a lasting impression and gain an offer of employment:


  • First Impressions: We only get one chance so dress to be remembered for the right reasons. Professional outfits are best for pharmacy culture.

  • Do your research: While your consultant will give you an overview of the position and team culture check out the pharmacy website & presence.

  • Practice your answers: Expect to be asked about your experience and the skillset you bring to the role & make a list of reasons why you should be considered for this role.

  • Enthusiasm: You should always have some questions to ask at the interview; this demonstrates your interest in the position.

  • Finally: Be calm and smile, arrive a few minutes before the scheduled interview, have the correct address and the full name and position of the person/s that will be interviewing you.


Congratulations and welcome to the team!


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