Embracing the Aged Care On-site Pharmacist (ACOP) Role: A Positive Step Forward

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​Imagine walking into a residential aged care facility where residents greet you with a smile, knowing that their medication management is in safe, expert hands. This is the reality for Aged Care On-site Pharmacists (ACOPs) across Australia. With the evolving landscape of healthcare, the ACOP role has emerged as a beacon of hope, ensuring that elderly Australians receive the best pharmaceutical care possible. This article delves into the benefits of this expanded role and sheds light on the attractive full-time equivalent (FTE) salary for ACOPs.

The Positive Impact of ACOPs

The introduction of ACOPs into residential aged care facilities (RACFs) is a game-changer. It signifies a shift towards a more integrated healthcare approach, where pharmacists are not just dispensers of medication but active participants in the healthcare team. The benefits of this role expansion are manifold:

  1. Enhanced Medication Management: ACOPs are pivotal in managing and reviewing medication plans for residents, reducing the risk of medication errors, and ensuring that treatments are effective and tailored to individual needs.

  2. Improved Health Outcomes: By working closely with other healthcare professionals, ACOPs can identify potential health issues early, provide timely interventions, and contribute to better overall health outcomes for residents.

  3. Personalised Care: Having a dedicated credentialed pharmacist on-site allows for more personalised interactions with residents, fostering trust and better adherence to medication regimens.

  4. Support for Care Staff: ACOPs provide invaluable support and education to the care staff, enhancing their understanding of medication management and enabling them to deliver better care.

  5. Reducing Hospitalisations: With improved medication management and early intervention, ACOPs play a crucial role in reducing unnecessary hospital admissions, which is beneficial for both the residents and the healthcare system.

The Financial Aspect: Full-Time Equivalent (FTE) ACOP Salary

One of the attractive aspects of the ACOP role is the competitive salary. The full-time equivalent salary for ACOPs is designed to reflect the importance and complexity of the role. According to recent reports, ACOPs can expect a salary that aligns with their expertise and the responsibilities they undertake. This remuneration is not just a financial incentive but also a recognition of the critical role that credentialed pharmacists play in aged care settings.

The ACOP measure provides funding for one full-time on-site pharmacist per 250 beds in a RACF, blocked into 50 bed increments.

Funding under the measure also provides on-site pharmacist salaries, with funds paid to the employer – whether that be a community pharmacy or RACF – not directly to the on-site pharmacist.

The annual full-time equivalent salary is $138,292, including 4 weeks annual leave, up to 2 weeks personal leave, public holidays and superannuation.

Raven's Recruitment: Your Trusted Partner

At Raven's Recruitment, we understand the unique demands and rewards of the ACOP role. We are dedicated to connecting credentialed pharmacists with community pharmacies and RACFs. Our expertise in the recruitment field ensures that we match the right pharmacist with the right facility, fostering an environment where both the pharmacist and the residents can thrive.

Whether you are a pharmacist looking to transition into an ACOP role or a facility in need of a skilled credentialed pharmacist, Raven's Recruitment is your trusted source. Our commitment to quality and our extensive network make us the go-to choice for both pharmacists and aged care providers.

The expansion of the pharmacist role into aged care facilities is a positive and necessary step forward. ACOPs are not only enhancing the quality of life for residents but also contributing to a more efficient and effective healthcare system. With attractive salaries and the support of trusted recruitment partners like Raven's Recruitment, the future of aged care looks brighter than ever.

Are you ready to make a difference in the lives of elderly Australians?

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