Calling All Pharmacists: Shape the Future of Your Profession with the PAMELA Survey!

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As pharmacists, you play a vital role in Australia's healthcare system. From dispensing medications to providing crucial medication advice, your expertise touches countless lives every day. But what does the future hold for your profession? To ensure pharmacists thrive, share your insights!

The Pharmacy in Australia: Measuring Employment, Labour decisions and Activity (PAMELA) survey, launched by the Pharmaceutical Society of Australia (PSA) in collaboration with The University of Queensland, presents a unique opportunity for you to shape the future of pharmacy in Australia.

Why it matters:

The PAMELA survey delves into the factors influencing your career choices, working conditions, and overall job satisfaction. Understanding these dynamics is crucial for:

  • Advocating for better policies: The PSA consistently lobbies for national health workforce planning. Your response will directly inform their efforts to enhance job satisfaction, work-life balance, and pharmacist retention.

  • Ensuring future healthcare needs are met: Australia's ageing population will depend on a robust pharmacy workforce. The PAMELA project helps forecast upcoming workforce requirements and ensure adequate planning for the future.

  • Adapting pharmacy education: Pharmacy schools like The University of Queensland are keen to tailor their curriculum to the evolving landscape of the profession. Your insights will guide them in preparing future pharmacists for the real world.

Who can participate?

Every pharmacist, regardless of career stage or practice area, is welcome to participate! Even if you're not currently registered or practicing, your voice matters. The PAMELA project seeks to understand factors leading pharmacists to leave or re-enter the profession, providing valuable insights for optimising career pathways.

Make your voice heard!

Participating is easy: simply head over to and complete the anonymised survey. By taking just a few minutes, you'll contribute significantly to shaping a brighter future for the Australian pharmacy workforce.

Together, let's build a thriving pharmacy profession that caters to the evolving needs of our communities.

Additional resources:

Don't wait! Share your experiences and shape the future of pharmacy in Australia!

Let's build a healthier tomorrow, one prescription at a time.

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