PSA Advocates for Expanded Pharmacist Vaccination Services in Queensland

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​The Pharmaceutical Society of Australia (PSA) has recently issued a media release calling for the removal of regulatory barriers to pharmacist-administered vaccinations in Queensland. This move aims to enhance accessibility to preventative healthcare for Queenslanders and align the state's vaccination practices with those in other parts of the country. In this blog post, we'll delve into the details of the PSA's call for expanded pharmacist vaccination services in Queensland.


Pharmacists have been providing vaccination services in Queensland since 2014, contributing significantly to the immunizing workforce in the state. However, despite their demonstrated competence and safety in administering vaccines, the current legislative framework in Queensland lags behind other states and territories.

The Issue at Hand

The primary issue revolves around the need to update the legislative authority, allowing pharmacists in Queensland to administer a broader range of vaccines to a wider patient population. While certain vaccines are available in other Australian regions, Queenslanders face disparities in accessing vaccines for conditions such as Human Papillomavirus (HPV), Herpes Zoster, and Hepatitis B. This inconsistency creates confusion among patients and healthcare professionals, especially locums, and limits vaccination opportunities for the people of Queensland.

Why It Matters

  1. Improved Accessibility: Expanding the range of vaccines that pharmacists can administer in Queensland will enhance accessibility to crucial immunization services. Patients will have the convenience of receiving vaccines from their local pharmacists, aligning with practices in other states and territories.

  2. Catch-Up Strategies: With the recent disruptions in healthcare access caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, ensuring that pharmacists can administer a wide array of vaccines is vital. It allows for efficient catch-up strategies, reducing missed vaccination opportunities and enhancing public health outcomes.

  3. Outreach Programs: The PSA also advocates for pharmacists to be able to administer vaccines in outreach programs, including schools, aged care facilities, and workplaces. Currently, the authorizations for these settings are temporary, expiring in April 2023. Expanding pharmacist vaccination services in these settings would provide greater flexibility and access to essential vaccinations.

The PSA's Call to Action

PSA Queensland President, Shane MacDonald, and State Manager, Nicole Floyd, have met with the Hon Yvette D’Ath MP, Minister for Health and Ambulance Services, to advocate for these changes. They emphasize that the location where a vaccine is administered does not affect the competency and skill of the pharmacist. The call is not just for convenience but is driven by a commitment to public health.


The PSA's call for the removal of regulatory barriers to pharmacist-administered vaccinations in Queensland is a crucial step toward improving public health outcomes in the state. It seeks to align Queensland's vaccination practices with those in other parts of Australia, ensuring equitable access to essential vaccines and efficient catch-up strategies in a post-pandemic world. This advocacy underscores the important role that pharmacists play in the healthcare system and their potential to contribute even more to the well-being of Queenslanders.


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