Ready to Become a Pharmacy Assistant in Brisbane or Ipswich?

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​Great news for the Brisbane and Ipswich community as Chris Owen, President of the Pharmacy Guild of Australia's Queensland Branch, urged residents in these cities to think about starting a new career in the next year as community pharmacy assistants.

Job seekers may become qualified via the Queensland Government's "Skilling Queenslanders for Work" project and employment in the state's network of nearly 1,200 neighbourhood pharmacies. In this project, The Fundamentals of Community Pharmacy course will be made available on January 16, 2023.

After the job seekers complete the course, they will be given a SIR20116 Certificate II in Community Pharmacy and learn the abilities and information necessary to assist patients in neighbourhood pharmacies.

According to Mr. Owen, this is a fully-funded program, thus an excellent opportunity to explore the pharmacy profession. The following cohort will run from Monday, January 16 through Friday, March 3 of 2023. The seven-week face-to-face course includes a 10-day practicum in a neighbourhood pharmacy where learners can apply what they have learned and get real-world experience.

The slots for this program are only limited, so interested job seekers are highly encouraged to submit their profiles as soon as possible. For more information, kindly visit this page.

Guild Intern Training Program for Intern Pharmacists

The Pharmacy Guild of Australia has welcomed the Australasian College of Pharmacy's (ACP) news that starting in 2023, it will offer free accreditation training to intern pharmacists engaged in the Guild Intern Training Program.

According to ACP President Michelle Bou-Samra, the ACP is committed to meeting the educational demands of the Australian pharmacy industry, particularly those of the incoming interns who will become registered pharmacists of the future.

The goal of the ACP is to provide the ability to intern pharmacists to practice within the area of their initial registration and to provide more primary healthcare services to patients through educating and training them.

Additionally, the Guild interns will also be offered a college membership for the duration of their internship, worth $399. According to Trent Twomey, the Guild’s National President, this decision is in line with the Guild's dedication to providing all interns with the best opportunities. The free accreditation offer is particularly essential because accreditation aids pharmacists in doing Home Medicine Reviews and Residential Medication Management Reviews.

National Medicines Policy Framework Now Welcomed in Queensland

Chris Owen, President of the Pharmacy Guild of Australia's Queensland Branch, has welcomed the publication of the National Medicines Policy Framework and emphasized the importance of patient-centred medicines services, calling on all healthcare professionals to work to the full extent of their training to ensure the best outcomes for patients.

This Pilot opens the door for independent prescribing community pharmacists in Australia, following the example of the UK, Canada, and, to some extent, New Zealand. Now that it is clear that community pharmacists can and should do more, this is a chance for a change in national medical policy.

In line with the North Queensland Community Pharmacy Scope of Practice Pilot, the Guild supports the policy framework that calls for equitable, timely, dependable, and affordable access to high-quality medications and medical services for all Australians. Through the Pilot, patients will have the choice to receive care at their local pharmacy and access to the medications that their local pharmacist has prescribed.

Through active communication and referrals, the Pilot framework ensures collaboration between a patient, their pharmacist, and their GP, giving patients more alternatives for gaining prompt access to therapy. For more information about this pilot, please click this link.

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