Getting your Resume into shape for the New Year!

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So you have been looking for that ideal job? Searching for hours on end, applying and wondering why you are getting nowhere? Chances are your resume is just not up to scratch.

We understand the frustration candidates go through - some have never been taught how to write an effective resume.

The first step to getting that ideal job is formatting your resume. After all, this is the initial impression that a potential employer will get of you. We see a large number of resumes daily and know which ones look the most professional, easiest to read and are the most appealing to potential employers.

So if your resume is full of spelling mistakes, formatted badly and you have written a long list of irrelevant information, then your resume is probably part of the problem.

So what should you do?

Firstly - ensure your resume is the right length. 12 pages is way too long! As a general rule, 2 to 3 pages is ideal. Keep it succinct and clearly articulate what you have been doing in your previous jobs. Remember though, it is important that you clearly position yourself as someone who fits the needs of the employer.

Also, make sure your resume is easy to read and well formatted. If it isn’t then we advise that you redo it. It should be easy to read, all in the same font and font size. If your resume does not have a good layout and is difficult to read, chances are it will be discarded ‘pronto’ by the employer.

Next you need to consider what your career objective is and as to whether this objective will add value to the potential employer. Telling an employer that you want to work with ‘fun’ people may not add value from an employer’s perspective whilst telling an employer you wish to work closely and engage with local community probably will.

Highlight your achievements! This is what sets you apart from the pack and illustrates what makes you different from other applicants.

Finally, spelling mistakes are the biggest no no when applying for jobs! If even one word is misspelled the reader will assume that you didn’t know how to spell the word (this is bad) or that you didn’t care (this is even worse!). You can never check your resume enough and get others to proof read it. We cannot stress this point enough.


Your resume is a reflection of you to the employment market, drawing attention to why you are such a prominent candidate compared to others. Take the opportunity to put your best foot forward.

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By Heidi Dariz, General Manager at Raven’s Recruitment.


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