Pharmacy Intern focus - How Raven's can help you get that job

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Applying for pharmacy jobs can be daunting, and as an intern myself the thought of the next job is always lurking in the back of my mind.

My advice to pharmacy students would be to work in a pharmacy whilst studying because one thing - among many - that it teaches you is the value of enhancing your personal brand.

Writing the near-perfect cover letter and making your resume sizzle can help you stand out in a competitive market. Below are some tips and tricks from the Raven’s team:

Cover letter

  • Make sure you outline the position you are applying for and when and where the job was advertised. Include a job number if applicable.

  • Outline your credentials, work experience and any other relevant skills and capabilities.

  • State why you are applying for the job and what you can bring to the job.

  • Thank them for considering your application and include information on how they can contact you - phone and email.

  • Avoid using slang or abbreviations.

  • Make sure you address the letter to the correct business name and ideally to a specific person.

  • Keep the letter short, outlining how you fit the requirements and why you want the position.

  • Use words that create a positive impression such as ‘capable’, ‘responsible’ and ‘committed’.

  • Check for correct grammar and spelling.

  • Sign and date the letter.

Resume / CV

  • Remember this is a marketing document, not an autobiography.

  • Think about the target audience.

  • Volunteer work and projects showcase transferable skills.

The key to finding a job that is the best fit for you is to be proactive in your search and get advice on the employment market using a professional agency such as Raven’s Recruitment as they are uniquely positioned with the knowledge and experience of what pharmacy employers are looking for.

Being in the digital age, technology - in particular social media - can attract new job opportunities. Create a LinkedIn profile to introduce a bit of your personality. Remember to be active with it by updating frequently and engaging with others. I joined the Twitter world in 2016 and to this day it remains the most efficient way for me to stay up-to-date with the latest pharmacy and healthcare news. You can find me on Twitter here.

Raven’s Recruitment is a 100% FREE service offering career advice and support throughout your entire pharmacy career. Having solid working relationships with all the major pharmacy employer groups and hospitals Australia and NZ wide means there are many positions available ranging from community, hospital, industry, full-time, part-time, partnership and locum.

Raven’s has a dedicated Career Zone on their website with information specifically tailored to pharmacy students on career options, creating a resume, writing cover letters, interview tips and more. You can even build your resume using the Resume Builder.

So pick up the phone and call one of their dedicated and friendly consultants today!

By Shefali Parekh, Intern Pharmacist at the Royal Hobart Hospital.


If you are an Intern Pharmacist, about to register and would like to find out more about job opportunities and what options are available to you, our Recruitment Consultants would love to speak with you. Please call 1800 429 829 or find LiveChat and email options on our website