2018 Guild Intern Pharmacist of the Year

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David Paulmert is an optimal care pharmacist based in Port Douglas, Far North QLD. He registered in August 2018 after completing his internship with LiveLife in Port Douglas. It was during this time he was awarded the title of 2018 Guild Intern Pharmacist of the Year. While studying at Griffith University Gold Coast, David took roles in his local NAPSA branch, GUAPS, including secretary, president and treasurer, and moved on to sit on the NAPSA Board for 2 consecutive years. David, as part of the iconic duo with John Quinn, was awarded honorary life member of NAPSA in 2017. David is excited about pharmacy and its bright future, and in a PhARIA 3 rural location, David is well placed to provide support and care to his Port Douglas community.

As part of the award application process, David was nominated by his preceptor, and then invited to complete an application of 500 words, followed by a short summary of what he might use the award for should he be successful. The application contained evidence of his efforts throughout his internship in connecting with other local health professionals, patients and colleagues, as well as initiatives he drove throughout his internship.

When asked how it feels to be recognised as the Guild Intern of the Year, David said, “it's an awesome feeling being recognised by my colleagues for an award I've received. It's very professionally rewarding and I'd recommend anyone apply if they feel their internship year was a success. One of my favourite aspects of a public award like this one is the effect it has on growing your network of professionals. A big network is a catalyst to a rewarding career”.

David’s proactive approach to working is what made him stand out as an intern. Rather than waiting to be told, he often pitched ideas to his seniors, and asked their permission to try things. Working in a place that supported his ability to speak up and own his position was a massive help too. He adds, “I can't say I would have been able to grow and develop as I did without the support my amazing team of pharmacy assistants and preceptors”.

David’s advice for current interns is to make it easier to work with you than not. He says, “remember you're a registered pharmacist; your registration just has a few conditions. If you own your role and own the impact you have on those around you, it will be easy to find the motivation to put in real effort improving your workplace and the lives of everyone around you. If you don't know which direction to go, take a step in whichever direction seems right and hopefully you'll have it right!”

David’s future plan is to continue to support his community in Port Douglas and one day transition to owning his own pharmacy in another community somewhere in Australia. He is positive about the extremely rewarding and interesting career working as a pharmacist is and can't wait to see what things are like in a few years time.

Shefali Parekh
Marketing Consultant
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