Most Popular Videos of the APP2018 Conference

Rr 2018 Jun29

The team of AJP filmed 48 videos during a hectic three days of the APP2018 conference. Here were the most popular videos among readers:


1. The Wanni White Coats perform - Songburst from the Wanni White Coats at APP2018


2. Helping couples get fertility fit


3. APP Daily Dose: Day 1 - AJP host Miranda Deakin APP2018


4. APP Daily Dose: Day 2


5. Professional services in the pharmacy: Making a difference in the community


6. Pharmacy IT: What’s NXT?


7. Who won the Australia’s oldest medicine competition


8. AJP chats with Pharmacy of the Year winner Southcity Pharmacy, Wagga


9. AJP chats with the Pharmacy of the Year Business Management winner


10. AJP chats with Trent Twomey: Qld Guild president


11. Talking pharmacists and mental health with PSS


12. The student voice: NAPSA president Sandra Minas


13. Managing social media risks with Tina Scrine


14. AJP chats with the Pharmacy of the Year Professional Innovation winner


15. Tea with AJP: Day 3 - Chris Brooker AJP Editor with his overview of Day 3 at APP2018