Interview with Jacquie Meyer

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1. Where/when did you graduate?
I completed my Pharmacy Degree at Monash University, VIC in 2008.

2. What has been your career journey so far?
My intern year was at Ararat, in rural Victoria where I was mentored by a wonderful Pharmacist and business owner. There I completed my PSA Diploma of management before stepping into a manager role my first year of registration. I relocated to Warrnambool, VIC where I managed a very large community pharmacy and supervised almost 30 staff, a large task for someone so young and newly registered. This pharmacy was open 12 hours a day and 7 days a week. I quickly learnt how to run a fast paced, busy pharmacy. I stayed here for 2-3 years and thoroughly enjoyed every minute as I was involved in the community and was learning so much about Pharmacy and how to manage people. After this time, I became restless and wanted to buy my own pharmacy and started looking for a Pharmacy Group that aligned with my values and beliefs of Pharmacy and Optimal Service. My relationship with Ravens Recruitment introduced me to the LiveLife Pharmacy Group in QLD, where after our first meeting I knew they were a genuine Company looking for people like me. I had decided that I was ready for a new adventure (and was sick of the Victorian weather) and I moved to QLD to join the LiveLife Pharmacy Group in Yeppoon, central QLD. After 12 months in Yeppoon I was offered to become a business partner in the Company and another 12 months later I purchased two pharmacies on the Sunshine Coast, LiveLife Pharmacy Pomona and LiveLife Pharmacy Cooroy.

3. What more do you want to achieve in the future?
This question has a never ending answer for me as I am constantly striving to achieve more, both in my businesses and for the Profession with my recent appointment as PSA QLD Branch President. I believe the future is very bright and we are in a unique time to see the role of Pharmacists grow and expand.

4. What advice would you give to students?
Don’t listen to the negativity. Surround yourself with work experience and employment with Pharmacists who are passionate about the profession and who you look to as a mentor. Find Pharmacists that you admire and make contact. Use them as a networking tool.

5.What is your favourite thing about pharmacy/your job?
The relationships I have with my customers. I know the families of my customers very well and all of their health concerns and I find it very rewarding to see the trust they have developed with me over time and great advice we can offer to make their lives healthier and happier.

6. Were you involved with the National Australian Pharmacy Students' Association (NAPSA) and/or your local branch?

  1. What benefit did this have?
    I’m ashamed to say I am not sure NAPSA was fully developed when I was at Uni and the culture was that only select few students were involved. As a Pharmacist now I have a great amount of involvement with NAPSA and respect what they are working hard to achieve. I have employed several NAPSA executives and have had many come for placements at my pharmacies as a result of the relationships I have with them now. From my experience, NAPSA members are very high achievers.

7. Would you ever consider leaving the profession?

8. What challenges have you faced and how have you overcome them?
Challenges are something everyone faces in life, both personally and professionally. A large challenge for me was relocating from a state where I grew up and was very familiar to a whole new state where I needed to learn new legislation, new friends, new location and a new job. I think the only way to overcome challenges is to believe in your abilities and just try. This challenge for me was the best thing I could have done for my career and my personal life as it led me into Pharmacy Ownership and it led me to meet my husband.

9. How has your perception of pharmacy changed since you were a student?
I think my perception of pharmacy has changed dramatically since I was a student. The experience you get once you enter the workforce is far different to any experience at University so as a student we have great dreams of what type of Pharmacist we want to be and then it’s all about your journey as to how you achieve that in reality.