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Elissar Mansour

Student Engagement Manager

Elissar Mansour is an accomplished Student Engagement Manager at Raven's Recruitment, specialising in nurturing and guiding pharmacy students towards successful career paths in the healthcare sector. With a robust background in pharmacy and a deep understanding of the industry's dynamics, Elissar excels at building strong relationships with students and educational institutions. Her commitment to fostering future pharmacy professionals and her passion for student success make her an invaluable asset to the Raven's Recruitment team. Elissar's approachable and supportive nature ensures that every student she works with feels empowered and well-prepared for their professional journey.​

Elissar is a Clinical Pharmacist at Blacktown Hospital for Western Sydney Local Health District, and Early Career Pharmacist CSI Leadership Group Member (NSW Representative, State and Territory Lead) at the Pharmaceutical Society of Australia (PSA). Elissar was the past Executive Director of National Australian Pharmacy Students'​ Association (NAPSA) and Co-Editor-in-Chief for Australian Pharmacy Students' Journal (APSJ) for FY23 after serving as the President and the Community Awareness Officer for Sydney University Pharmacy Association (SUPA) in FY22 and FY21.

Elissar's diverse experience and her unwavering commitment to the pharmacy profession position her as a key figure in guiding and mentoring the next generation of pharmacists.