Queensland Pharmacy Ownership Bill: Empowering Pharmacist Ownership and Your Career

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​Imagine walking into your local pharmacy, not just as the trusted expert behind the counter, but as the owner, shaping the future of patient care in your community. The Pharmacy Business Ownership Bill 2023 in Queensland proposes to solidify this vision by protecting the requirement for community pharmacies to be owned by a pharmacist. This empowers pharmacists like you to take the helm and shape the future of pharmacy practice in the state.

While the bill has sparked discussions, it's crucial to focus on its potential to empower pharmacists and enhance the quality of care delivered in community pharmacies. Here's how it could positively impact your career:

  1. Increased Ownership Opportunities: The bill aims to streamline the process for pharmacists to own and operate pharmacies, opening doors for those who aspire to lead their own practice. This fosters entrepreneurship and allows you to directly influence the direction of patient care within your pharmacy.

  2. Enhanced Job Security: By ensuring pharmacist ownership, the bill strengthens the profession's long-term sustainability and secures pharmacist-led decision-making in community pharmacies. This translates to greater job security and stability for you and your colleagues.

  3. Improved Patient Care: Pharmacist ownership can lead to increased autonomy in practice management, allowing you to tailor services and medication management plans to better meet the specific needs of your community. This fosters a more patient-centric approach to healthcare.

  4. Professional Development Opportunities: Owning a pharmacy can open doors to leadership roles and professional development opportunities. You can gain valuable experience in business management, marketing, and team leadership, enriching your professional skillset.

It's important to stay informed about the bill's progress and actively engage in discussions with industry associations like the Pharmacy Guild of Australia. The Queensland Health website ( and the Queensland Parliament website ( also provides valuable resources and updates.

Raven's Recruitment, with our deep understanding of the pharmacy landscape, is here to support you on your career journey, regardless of the ownership structure. We can help you find a fulfilling pharmacy job that aligns with your career goals and allows you to contribute meaningfully to patient care, now and in the future.

Remember, the future of pharmacy is in your hands. Embrace the possibilities presented by the bill, stay informed, and seek guidance from trusted professionals like Raven's Recruitment. As a pharmacist, your expertise and dedication are crucial to shaping a brighter future for patient care in Queensland. What are your aspirations for the future of pharmacy practice in your community? Let's discuss!