'Be Recognised': Transforming Pharmacy Practice in Australia and New Zealand

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Pharmacists play a crucial role in strengthening healthcare systems worldwide. As the world celebrated World Pharmacists Day, the Society of Hospital Pharmacists of Australia (SHPA) unveiled a groundbreaking recognition program set to transform pharmacy practice in Australia and New Zealand. Known as the Australian and New Zealand College of Advanced Pharmacy (ANZCAP), this program is designed to support pharmacists and pharmacy technicians across all practice settings in their quest to be recognized for their valuable contributions. In this blog post, we'll delve into the details of this landmark initiative and its significance for the healthcare landscape in the region.

ANZCAP: A Leap Forward in Pharmacy Practice

ANZCAP, announced by SHPA President Tom Simpson at the 81st FIP World Congress of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, represents a significant leap forward for Australian healthcare. It is a joint initiative of SHPA and the New Zealand Hospital Pharmacy Association (NZHPA) that has been in the making for several years. This program is built to empower every pharmacist and technician, offering them a structured pathway to recognition.

Three Key Components of ANZCAP:

  1. Foundation Program: ANZCAP begins with a Foundation Program that recognises prior professional experience. This component is available until March 2024 and builds on the long history of early-career pharmacy residencies, providing two-year formalised fast-track education programs for Resident and Registrar recognition.

  2. Independent Program: Perhaps the most pivotal aspect of ANZCAP is the Independent Program. It allows pharmacists and technicians to chart their own course through career milestones. This means participants can self-manage their learning and development or follow suggested learning experiences to attain transferable recognition.

  3. Specialty Practice Recognition: ANZCAP recognises specialty practice areas that practitioners are focusing on, aligning recognition as Registrars or Consultants with one or two of 40 specialty areas. These specialties encompass a wide range of fields, including Cancer Medicine, Geriatric Medicine, and Community Pharmacy.

The Significance of ANZCAP

ANZCAP comes at a time of change and evolution in the healthcare landscape. It is a comprehensive program that acknowledges the unique skills and expertise of each pharmacist and pharmacy technician. The program provides a nationally understood framework for career progression and recognition.

International Support

The ANZCAP initiative has garnered international support, with FIP's President Mr. Paul Sinclair and CEO Dr. Catherine Duggan expressing their endorsement. This recognition highlights the importance of formally acknowledging pharmacists who practice advanced and specialised disciplines. It also underscores the critical role pharmacists play in improving patient care and strengthening healthcare systems globally.

Growing Ties Between Australia and New Zealand

NZHPA President Sian Dawson mentioned that ANZCAP not only recognises the contributions of pharmacists and pharmacy technicians but also fosters closer ties between Australia and New Zealand. This transformative program is expected to provide a broader developmental pathway for pharmacy professionals in New Zealand.


ANZCAP is set to revolutionise pharmacy practice in Australia and New Zealand by recognising the vital contributions of pharmacists and pharmacy technicians. It offers a structured pathway for career progression and specialisation, aligning with the theme of "Pharmacy strengthening health systems" on World Pharmacists Day. This initiative signifies a brighter future for healthcare in the region, where the skills and expertise of pharmacy professionals are fully acknowledged and utilised.

For more information about ANZCAP, visit the official website: SHPA ANZCAP.


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