Recognising the Vital Role of Pharmacists in Strengthening Health Systems: World Pharmacists Day 2023

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The Pharmaceutical Society of Australia (PSA) has kicked off its World Pharmacists Day campaign on 14 September 2023, commemorating the global event that takes place on September 25th. This year, the PSA's campaign is aligned with the theme "Pharmacy Strengthening Health Systems," underlining the indispensable role pharmacists play in ensuring medicine safety, enhancing patient outcomes, and facilitating prompt access to healthcare.

PSA National President, Dr. Fei Sim FPS, underscored the significance of this year's theme, stating, "Pharmacists are vital to an accessible and sustainable healthcare system." She emphasised the need for policymakers to recognise the pivotal role pharmacists play in bolstering health systems, especially given recent changes in health policy affecting the profession.

In preparation for World Pharmacists Day, the PSA is shedding light on the broad spectrum of practices within the field of pharmacy and the substantial role played by pharmacists as custodians of medicine safety. The profession has evolved significantly in recent years, expanding to include tasks such as administering a wider range of vaccines, extending the supply of oral contraceptives, and initiating treatment for urinary tract infections. These initiatives are critical in ensuring that Australians have continued access to timely primary healthcare.

Pharmacists, spanning various specialty areas, continue to be instrumental in strengthening health systems. Their contributions encompass ensuring the safe and effective use of medicines, promoting preventive care, and collaborating with the broader healthcare team to deliver patient-centred and patient-directed care.

As we celebrate World Pharmacists Day, it is essential to acknowledge the vital role pharmacists play in improving patient access to care and their role as custodians of medicine safety. Their substantial impact extends to the broader health system.

As part of the FIP World Congress, PSA will showcase Australian pharmacy, with a particular focus on pharmacists' involvement in the quality use of medicines, including complex medication reviews, the contributions of First Nations pharmacists, mental health services, and initiatives such as UTI prescribing trials in Queensland, New South Wales, and Western Australia.

Pharmacists across Australia are encouraged to actively participate in World Pharmacists Day. A variety of resources are available on the PSA's official website: This campaign serves as a platform to acknowledge and celebrate the indispensable role of pharmacists in strengthening health systems and ensuring the well-being of patients.

World Pharmacists Day 2023 is a momentous occasion to recognise the tireless efforts of pharmacists in Australia and worldwide. Their dedication to medicine safety, patient care, and the broader healthcare system is indeed commendable. Let us join hands in celebrating the invaluable contributions of pharmacists to our health and well-being.

Source: Pharmaceutical Society of Australia - Media Release

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