Pharmacy Guild Welcomes Victorian Pharmacist Prescribing Pilot

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​In a significant development for healthcare in Victoria, the Pharmacy Guild of Australia's Victoria Branch has welcomed the passage of legislation that enables the Victorian community pharmacist prescribing pilot. This initiative represents a crucial step forward in expanding the role of community pharmacists and improving access to primary healthcare services for all Victorians. In this blog post, we will delve into the details of this pilot program, its potential benefits, and its impact on the healthcare landscape in Victoria.

The Pharmacist Prescribing Pilot

The pharmacist prescribing pilot aims to empower appropriately trained community pharmacists to take on additional responsibilities in the healthcare system. Under this program, participating pharmacists will be authorised to perform the following key functions:

  1. Reissue Repeat Prescriptions of Oral Contraceptives: Community pharmacists will have the authority to reissue repeat prescriptions for oral contraceptives, streamlining access to this essential form of contraception.

  2. Treat Minor Skin Conditions: Pharmacists will be equipped to diagnose and treat minor skin conditions, providing timely care for common dermatological issues.

  3. Provide Antibiotics for Uncomplicated UTIs: Pharmacists will be authorised to prescribe antibiotics for the treatment of uncomplicated urinary tract infections (UTIs), offering patients quicker access to treatment for this common ailment.

  4. Administer Select Travel Vaccines: Pharmacist immunisers participating in the pilot program will be trained to administer select travel vaccines, enhancing their role in preventive healthcare.

Benefits of the Pilot Program

This groundbreaking initiative holds several potential benefits for both patients and the healthcare system:

  1. Increased Access to Care: The pharmacist prescribing pilot will make healthcare services more accessible to Victorians, reducing the burden on an already stretched healthcare system.

  2. Empowering Pharmacists: Highly skilled and qualified medicines experts, pharmacists can now use their clinical expertise to provide timely and effective treatment for a range of common health conditions.

  3. Enhanced Choice for Women's Healthcare: By authorising pharmacists to treat uncomplicated UTIs and reissue repeat prescriptions for oral contraceptives, the pilot program will provide women with greater choice and access to essential healthcare services.

  4. Relieving Pressure on Hospitals: By expanding the role of pharmacists in primary healthcare, this program is expected to reduce hospital presentations for conditions that can be effectively managed in community pharmacies.

Implementation and Training

To participate in the Victorian pharmacist prescribing pilot, community pharmacists will need to undergo additional training and adhere to structured protocols and guidelines for prescribing medicines. This ensures that patient safety and quality of care remain paramount throughout the program.

The pilot program is set to commence in October of this year and will follow the successful UTI pilot in Queensland, where pharmacist treatment of UTIs has become a permanent program, and a similar trial in NSW, which began in May.


The Victorian community pharmacist prescribing pilot is a significant leap forward in healthcare innovation, empowering pharmacists to play a more active role in primary healthcare delivery. By providing timely access to treatment for common conditions, increasing choice for patients, and relieving the burden on hospitals, this program has the potential to transform healthcare in Victoria for the better. As the program rolls out in October, it marks an exciting chapter in the evolution of healthcare services in Australia.

For more information on the Victorian pharmacist prescribing pilot and related updates, you can visit the official website of the Pharmacy Guild of Australia, Victoria Branch, or refer to the detailed legislation amendments passed by the Victorian Parliament in August 2023.

Source: Media Release from the Pharmacy Guild of Australia

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