Flexible Working Environment: Does it Increase Pharmacy Workforce?

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​According to top NDIS treatment provider Therapy Connect, flexible working circumstances are luring more women back not just into the pharmacy workforce but the overall healthcare system, and easing the lack of competent therapists.

Moreover, it was reported that an increase in female therapists, particularly mothers, is helping to close the persistent supply and demand gap that is affecting patients all around Australia as internet treatment gains momentum.

Based on the Australian Government Department of Health fact sheet, just 11% of occupational therapists are actively working. According to studies, there will be a shortage of more than 200k health workers by 2050, particularly in the aged care and disability sectors.

Furthermore, 90% of Therapy Connect practitioners are female, and they consider the model to be perfectly suited to their lifestyle while yet allowing them to provide an invaluable service to the thousands of Australian NDIS therapy participants.

According to Kirstyn O’Rourke, a Therapy Connect speech pathologist and a mother, flexibility for both parents and professionals are crucial for the allied health sector. It offers work-life balance as it allows mothers to focus on their families while they work.

Simone Dudley, the co-founder of Therapy Connect, stated that the online model has encouraged professionals like Kirstyn to flourish in their careers while juggling family life, bringing more women back into the allied health sector.

PSA Victoria President Named: Dr. Amy Page

The Pharmaceutical Society of Australia (PSA) is pleased to announce that Dr. Amy Page, FPS, has been elected president of the Victorian division of the PSA. Currently serving as vice president of the PSA Victoria branch, Dr. Page is a consultant pharmacist who joined the organisation in 2017. A Fellowship of the PSA was given to her in 2015.

With her research and clinical practice focusing on older individuals with multimorbidity, polypharmacy, and dementia, Dr. Amy Page is recognised as a national specialist in the quality use of medications. She promoted unconventional practice settings and interprofessional collaboration as one of Australia's first pharmacists to work in a general practitioner clinic.

In order to enhance patient outcomes, Dr. Page directs the creation of creative projects that involve interdisciplinary teams and span the gaps between clinical practice, research, and education. Building capacity and providing support for pharmacists as they move into new jobs on-site in residential aged care facilities are the focus of her current work.

Dr. Page stated that she is eager to play a bigger part in helping PSA become the centre of accreditation and give accredited pharmacists the chance to provide the best care for the community.

The Generosity of Pharmacists Recognised On Australia Day

Last January 26, 2022, the Pharmacy Guild of Australia paid respect to the pharmacists honoured on Australia Day. For their extraordinary and selfless service in the community in addition to their work in pharmacies, three pharmacists have been honoured this year, including one recipient of a posthumous award.

The Late Nazminali Hudda, MPS

Nazminali Hudda began his career as a pharmacist in London. He then moved to Australia, where he worked as a pharmacist and manager in the Queensland cities of Lakes Entrance and Redcliffe before taking the position of principal at Woorim Surfside Pharmacy on Bribie Island till 2019.

Although he passed away, he is honoured for his commitment to and service to the Nizari Ismaili Muslim community in Queensland, where he served for two years as the parent liaison team's head for the religious education program.

Mr. Richard French

From 1984, when he relocated from Sydney, until 2019 when he retired, Richard French worked as a pharmacist and partner at Berry and French Pharmacy in the Hunter Valley of New South Wales. According to French, he only planned to stay in the establishment for six years but he ended up staying there for good.

In recognition of his contributions to the upper Hunter Valley community, particularly his volunteer work with the Baptist Church and the local Rural Fire Service, Mr. French has received the Order of Australia Medal, General Division.

Mr. Donald Lawie

For an incredible 60 years, Mr. Lawie practiced pharmacy and compounding chemistry in Babinda. Last Australia Day, he received an Order of Australia in the General Division for his volunteer service with the Queensland SES during Cyclones Yasi and Larry.

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