Australian Antiviral Drug for Covid-19 Under Discovery

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​The Government has announced that a clinical trial for a new Omicron-blocking antibody will begin this year and this move is to provide Australian-made antivirals to fight COVID-19. This partnership study is being overseen by Professor Wai-Hong Tham from Walter and Eliza Hall Institute (WEHI).

According to Professor Wai-Hong, viral infections can be prevented and treated with the aid of artificial antibodies. They increase our immunity and defend our bodies from any disease.  

Generally, a virus seeks cells when it enters the body and tries to attach. As a result, the virus can enter the cell. Then it reproduces and infects more cells via the cell's internal mechanisms.

By locating the virus and attaching to it, antibodies help to avoid infection. This prevents the virus from attaching to our cells and spreading infection and this is how Professor Wai-Hong and his partners want this Australian antiviral drug to work.

Australia's capacity to develop, test, and produce antiviral medications is increasing because of Wai-Hong's study. The research, Biologics for the prophylaxis, and treatment of COVID-19 was funded by a $7 million award from the Medical Research Future Fund.

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NAPSA Congress 2023 Update

This week in Canberra, the National Australian Pharmacy Students' Association (NAPSA), which represents over 3,500 pharmacy students and 17 student associations across Australia, is having its annual Congress event.

The eagerly awaited event started on January 15 and will last until this Saturday, January 21. Around 16 keen students from the University of Queensland's Queensland Pharmacy Students' Association (QPSA) travelled to the nation's capital to attend the NAPSA Congress 2023.

After years of online education, there was an air of enthusiasm when it came time to attend an event with other pharmacy schools from Australia and New Zealand. The Congress Organising Committee sent the delegates showbags filled with a variety of their preferred pharmaceutical goods, according to Jessica Heald, the QPSA President 2023.

Your Pharmacy Career Podcast: Season 6 Episode 2

With over 20 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry, Hayley Smile professional support to all pharmacists, pharmacy interns, and pharmacy students. Additionally, she is also the national coordinator for a renowned intern training program and pharmacist mentor for student placements.

In addition to working as a rural remote Section 100 supply and coordination pharmacist in isolated indigenous communities, she has also worked as a registered pharmacist in the United Kingdom. Hayley also has a wealth of expertise in risk management and as a risk consultant.

Hayley started her pharmacy career in 1995 with the aim to be a doctor one day. Back then, she was a shop assistant to her pharmacist neighbour. Included in her job responsibilities is sweeping the floor but what she enjoys a lot is talking to the patients visiting the pharmacy and building a great relationship with them.

Because she was married to a Navy Officer, she has to work from one pharmacy to another, such as community to hospital pharmacy, as well. Although this is a tough experience, she used it as an opportunity to learn new things and gain new experiences.

According to her, working for the indigenous community is rewarding. When she got pregnant, she had to stay in one pharmacy for a long period where she was able to appreciate the beauty of the aboriginal community’s environment.

Hayley Smile believes pharmacists make a difference to each patient who comes to the pharmacy, especially in the community setting. If you want to listen more from the Podcast, click here.

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