Media Release: NAPSA and Raven’s Recruitment establish Memorandum of Understanding

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18 March 2022

The National Australian Pharmacy Students’ Association (NAPSA) is pleased to announce that they have established a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Raven’s Recruitment.

Raven’s Recruitment is the largest and longest-running specialised pharmacist recruitment agency in Australia.

NAPSA National President, Verity Boustead, highlighted that “It is exciting to be able to develop a strong working relationship with Raven’s Recruitment as they are so passionate about encouraging the next generation of pharmacy students and expanding the pharmacy profession. I have no doubt this partnership will enable NAPSA members to be exposed to a plethora of opportunities and education that will enhance their pharmacy careers”.

Director of Raven’s Recruitment, Alan Sutton, said “The entire team at Raven’s Recruitment are thrilled to be working with NAPSA to support the Pharmacists of the future. We feel passionate about ensuring that every university student in Australia studying to be a Pharmacist has a positive and informed view of their career opportunities and prospects. Working closely with NAPSA, delivering programs, education, guidance and confidence to students to achieve their potential is our overriding objective.”

NAPSA and Raven’s Recruitment are excited to announce that this MoU includes extensive educational opportunities for NAPSA members as well as exclusive insight into the Raven’s Recruitment Pharmacy Salary & Market Report. The Pharmacy Salary & Market Report sheds light into the dynamic pharmacy industry, and serves as an invaluable resource to pharmacy staff.

“The ‘Your Pharmacy Career’ podcast published by Raven’s Recruitment showcases different career opportunities available in the pharmacy sphere and how to navigate your professional journey. It is an honour to have NAPSA members featured in the Podcast Series, and I look forward to seeing more of our members get involved and share their experiences” said Miss Boustead.

Verity Boustead
National President
National Australian Pharmacy Students’ Association

Media contacts:
Verity Boustead
Alan Sutton