Top Tips to Kick-start your Career in 2022 - Part 2

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Are you thinking of a new role in 2022? Great news, the current market for pharmacists is looking extremely positive!

Due to a number of factors, Australia wide we are experiencing shortages of candidates across all sectors of pharmacy, and that looks set to continue for the foreseeable future.

At Raven’s Recruitment we currently have a huge number of opportunities available to both new graduates and anyone looking to make a career change.

We are seeing that not only are there more positions available in the current market, with more employers competing for staff, the opportunities that are on offer are more rewarding financially and professionally.

Read below, for part two of the top tips to help you land that dream job.

The Interview - how to overcome those nerves

Now it is completely natural to feel nervous before an interview - but when it comes to interviews, preparation is everything. The more preparation you put in - the less nervous and more confident you will feel.

The main focus right from the get go, is don't be late, it is fundamental. You need to plan your journey beforehand and also don’t arrive too early - 5-10 minutes before the interview time is perfect.

Presentation - Professional, business attire is always appropriate, no matter how casual you may think the employer is. Definitely no sportswear, thongs, etc.

Research - the employer and the pharmacy beforehand. Through Google, your network, or a recruiter like Raven’s Recruitment to help give you background information so when you arrive at the interview you have an idea of who they are as a company.

Prepare - make notes, brainstorm write a list of potential questions you are likely to be asked and write responses.

Practise - practise in the mirror, practise with a friend, partner, colleague - the more you practise, the more confident you will feel and come across in the interview.

Engage - prepare questions to ask at the end of the interview that demonstrate your interest in the position and your drive to excel in the role. Some good examples include: What is the typical career path for someone in this role? or What are the biggest opportunities facing the business right now? Try to steer clear of questions that only focus on yourself and not the employer, such as how soon you can take annual leave.

You’ve got the job - how to impress in those first few weeks

An employer will not expect you to know everything on your first day, or even your first month, but there are a few key things you can do to impress:

Firstly, you want to display a good work ethic, show up on time, don’t just do the bare minimum and look to go above and beyond. Be flexible and open minded in taking on new tasks.

Secondly, be keen and willing to learn - take on board feedback and suggestions and ask lots of questions. Don’t be afraid to ask for feedback from your employer as well.

Lastly, be friendly and get to know your team members and the company culture.

How Raven’s Recruitment can help you with your career journey

At Raven’s our focus is working with you throughout your whole pharmacy career. We can find you employment right from your internship through until pharmacy management and partnership.

We also work across multiple pharmacy sectors - community, hospital, aged care, and industry and offer both permanent and locum or contract work.

In addition, we also offer Career Consultations. You might not be currently in the job market, but looking for advice on your current role, a career change or just some insight into what is happening in the pharmacy market at the moment, we can help with that.

We also have a variety of helpful resources available on our website:

  • a dedicated Career resources section specifically for students and early career pharmacists where you can get advice on creating an effective resume and cover letter, interview tips and information on your career options within the pharmacy industry.

  • Your Pharmacy Career podcast’ featuring leaders from the pharmacy profession describing their career journeys and offering advice 

  • Our Annual Pharmacy Market and Salary Report focusing on the current stage of wages and conditions, career opportunities and factors affecting the pharmacy employment market today.

Contact one of our Consultants today on 1800 429 829 or learn more about our people.