Pharmacy Owners Guide to COVID-19 Financial Support

Pharmacy Owners Guide To Covid 19 Financial Support

Pitcher Partners manager in Pitcher Pharmacy, Robert Hughes, has prepared the available Financial Support Guide for pharmacy owners to assist with understanding the support available to their business.  The guide provides an overview of the support being provided by both Federal and State Governments and the major banks to assist businesses and employees during the COVID-19 pandemic.

This is supplemented by a a podcast style recording which should further assist with explaining the key components of the various assistance packages available.

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak is having a significant economic impact to Australian businesses and households. In response to the impact, the Federal and State Governments and the major banks are providing various forms of support to help those affected during this unprecedented time.

Whilst the pharmacy industry is faring better than many other industries and is continuing to trade as an essential service to Australians, it is not immune to the economic impact being caused by COVID-19. This Guide is intended to provide pharmacy owners with an overview of the financial support available to both their business and their employees. As the access to the support is correlated to level of impact being experienced, the support has been outlined in reference to three phases.

Pitcher Partners are happy to field any queries that arise, find the most appropriate contact location here.

   Download the Financial Support Guide   



For more Covid-19 related information, refer to the Pharmacists and Novel Coronavirus (Covid-19) updates page.


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