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Late yesterday the NSW Government announced that all NSW Pharmacy Stores will be able to operate 24 hours per day, 7 days a week until the Covid-19 crisis is over. Other Governments may follow.

Whilst it’s a positive move to assist the public access essential medicines, it invariably will put added pressure on Pharmacists to work longer hours and in doing so, themselves be exposed to greater stress. It’s a time that Pharmacists, just like all healthcare workers need to take additional steps to look after their health and wellbeing to ensure Australia has as many functional Pharmacists in this national crisis.

We would suggest, wherever possible splitting your workforce to ensure your Pharmacists and Retail staff are not working on the same day, that is, in different teams if at all possible.

We understand for smaller pharmacies that this may not be possible, but the more measures you can implement internally in regards to sanitation and protecting your staff, the greater opportunity you create to stay open and service your community.

With increasing demand for Pharmacists, both Locum and Permanent, now is the time to pick up the phone to 1800 429 829 and talk to one of our experienced recruitment consultants so they can work with you now to understand your needs and plans to manage the increased workload and what we can implement for you. Just as the government is endeavouring to stay in front of the curve, so are we, to ensure we can play our part in supporting our industry and all Australians.

Our team of Heidi Dariz, Debbie Capuano, Leanne Virtue, Christina Gardner, Nivi Kent, Belinda Jeffries, David Shaw and Eryn Chivers are healthy and protected, working from home offices so that we can ensure our service remains at the highest levels irrespective of any further travel or working restrictions.

As Australia’s largest and longest running Pharmacy Recruitment Agency with over 30 years’ experience, we will do everything in our power to support our community of Pharmacy’s and Pharmacists as they remain a pillar of strength through this crisis.


For more Covid-19 related information, refer to the Pharmacists and Novel Coronavirus (Covid-19) resources page.


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