Practical tips to secure the best people for your business

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Finding a new team member for your business is challenging and time consuming, so you definitely want to be sure you are approaching it in the right way from the outset to get the best outcome.

It’s important to intentionally provide an ACE - Awesome Candidate Experience from the beginning of the process if you want to secure the Best. 

How an applicant feels after they experience your recruitment process will definitely influence them in their decision to firstly apply for your role and then whether to accept the job offer should it get to that.

If it’s a good experience, they will feel positive about their application.  If you step it up and make it even better than good, you can be sure they will talk about it with others, which in turn will help your employer profile out there in the market.

However, if it’s a bad candidate experience you can be sure they won’t want to align their career with your business, and worst still, they will let others know of their experience which in turn will damage your employer brand. 

I would like to give some tips in this article about how to provide that ACE so that your new potential employee starts their journey with your business in the most positive, stand-out way possible.

It could be just a simple matter of tweaking a few things that you do, or your whole recruitment process may need a total overhaul.

Respecting the candidate throughout the process is key.

My top 5 practical tips to secure the best people for your business:

  • Write a job advertisement that tells them what their day to day will look like in the role.

  • Provide a timely update after application as to the next step - don’t leave them hanging.

  • Give clear information prior to the face to face interview - particularly who will be interviewing them and that person/s role within the company.

  • Be sure the person doing the interview is able to provide a positive interview experience that will draw out a candidate’s compatibility.

  • Avoid a protracted hiring processes - get back to your candidate asap after the interview.

By Debbie Capuano, Recruitment Consultant at Raven’s Recruitment.


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