A cover letter is just as important as your CV!

Rr 2018 Aug02 Amy Blog

While we all know that a CV is a necessary part of the job search process, it should not be the only document you use to ensure your application progresses to an interview. We have all been taught the importance of making a good first impression and I believe a strategically targeted cover letter is the most important weapon you can use.

A cover letter allows you to target that particular job and that particular employer in a very specific way, leaving the CV to market your background and experience as a part of the bigger picture. A cover letter is where you can add those unique skills and the qualities you will bring to the role.

Your cover letter also gives you a chance to reveal your work ethic and attention to detail. It provides glimpses into your personality that a list of achievements can’t. In saying this you must always be sure that you communicate this clearly and be sure that the skills and experiences you discuss are relevant to the job.

A great cover letter does not just repeat your CV in a shorter form, you need to personalise it and tell the employer what it is about the job that is attractive to you and why you want to work for that specific employer. Just ask yourself why are you choosing this job and why should they choose you?

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By Amy Filicietti, Locum Recruitment Consultant at Raven’s Recruitment.