Why Locum?

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When attending the recent NAPSA congress in Sydney, I met some of the pharmacy industry's brightest future professionals. Speaking with students I noticed some had pinpoint precision for their career path whilst others were still considering the diversity the pharmacy industry has to offer. I found myself very often discussing the benefits of locum work for early career Pharmacists. And I stand by these two key points:

a) Seizing the opportunity to locum as a supporting Pharmacist will enable you to develop invaluable pharmacy connections but also to be mentored by a range of professionals - all with their own strengths and teaching styles to further develop your skills.

b) If you have the confidence, and experience to back it up from your internship, rural locum roles can be the most challenging and rewarding! You will typically see a broader demographic of patients which will test and grow your knowledge.

If you want to assess your options with some hands-on experience, locum is a great way to job hop without looking flighty on your CV; as being seen as a flight risk could make you overlooked for your future dream job.

You can be sure that the experience you gain as a locum will serve you well when applying for that permanent role in the future.

 - as published in Pharmacy Daily as the Weekly Comment on 26 February 2018.

For more information on the benefits of locuming, contact Belinda Jeffries, Locum Recruitment Consultant on 1800 429 829 or