Hiring the right people for your pharmacy

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One of the most common complaints I hear from pharmacy owners is "How can I find the right people for my pharmacy and how can I get them to stay?" Bad hiring decisions can be disastrous for your pharmacy, resulting in lost income, unhappy employees and high staff turnovers.

One of the main reasons staff don't stay is because they weren't correctly recruited for in the first place. They may be highly skilled and qualified candidates but simply not the right fit for your pharmacy. Successful business owners seek people with not only the right skills and experience, but with the right behaviours, values and attitude.

Taking the time to put together a plan prior to hiring will give pharmacy owners the opportunity to find out how employees will act and behave before actually employing them.

You can employ a recruitment consultant to help you put together a plan. A good strategy should include:
* know the role and your desired candidate.
* define the position and write a thorough job description.
* develop a thorough screening process and employ behavioural interviewing skills.

Successful pharmacies have strong teams made up of the right people in the right roles. Committing expertise and time to a hiring strategy will ensure you can effectively match up roles with the right employees who will be more productive, more committed and ultimately add to your bottom line.

Heidi Dariz - General Manager
Heidi has been with Raven's for 12 years and looks after permanent recruitment for Victoria, Tasmania and South Australia - call Heidi on 1800 429 829 for your recruitment or career needs.