Updates on the Free Influenza Vaccine

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​The flu season will start to peak in August and together with the COVID-19 vaccines, the spread of viruses can be prevented if individuals opt to get these vaccination shots. Getting vaccinated would not only keep the individuals safe but also the people around them.

In early June, as approved by the Pharmaceutical Society of Australia’s Tasmanian branch, it was reported that Tasmanian pharmacists can start to deliver free influenza vaccines to Tasmanians 10 years old and above. 

According to PSA Tasmania president David Peachey, the vaccination funding of the Tasmanian government will allow the pharmacists to administer more vaccines, especially to the children from this state.

Furthermore, president Peachey states that pharmacists play a great role in vaccinating children five to ten years old and in protecting the health of Australians, especially during this time of the pandemic.

Free Influenza Vaccines in Queensland

Many Queenslanders are sure to not miss the free flu vaccine shots. This is the reason why around 112 thousand bookings of these shots were made through the Guild Corporate Bookings.

According to Chris Owen, the Pharmacy Guild of Australia Queensland Branch President, Queenslanders of ages 5 to 64 years old are eligible for this initiative.

The website was only launched last May 26, 2022, but it has already received more than 665,000 visits. Using the website is very easy too. Individuals would only have to enter their State and they will be directed to the nearest community pharmacy. 

President Owen also said supply shortages may occur but getting an appointment would assure Queenslanders that vaccines are available for that specific time. Furthermore, these free vaccine shots would be available until Thursday, June 30.

Those who would administer these vaccines are qualified pharmacists with first aid and CPR certificates and anaphylaxis management accreditation.

Flu Vaccine Charges Have Been Lifted in Victoria

The Victorian Government has also announced that the State is now offering free vaccines. According to Sarah Venn from Camperdown Pharmacy Victoria, 300 free vaccines have already been administered in their pharmacy.

However, short-staffing makes it harder for a smooth workflow to proceed. Sometimes, nurses are also there to help with vaccination.

Pharmacist Sarah Venn also reported that this free vaccination also made a pathway for Australians to consider getting a Covid-19 shot.

Vaccination Training for Pharmacists

It is important to boost the global immunisation workforce, especially during this time of the pandemic. According to the International Pharmaceutical Federation, this is made possible by ensuring that vaccination would be part of pharmacists’ training.

The roles of pharmacists in these vaccination programs include the following:

  • Advocating vaccination in the communities they serve and emphasising the benefits of these vaccines

  • Building vaccine confidence to support vaccine uptake

  • Managing the vaccine supply chain to ensure their safety and efficacy

  • Keeping vaccination records and counselling on vaccination status

  • Performing vaccine safety surveillance

  • Prescribing and administering vaccines

Indeed, community pharmacists are one of the major resources of every Australian in achieving a Covid-19-free and flu-free country and that is why these healthcare professionals need to have equitable access to proper training.

Ready to Vaccinate Australians?

The pharmacy profession offers many opportunities and pharmacists are one of the essential healthcare professionals, especially during this Covid-19 surge. They not only dispense medications but also help every Australian receive the medication benefits from the Government, such as free vaccinations.

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