Signs you need a Locum Pharmacist

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Are you overworking yourself or your pharmacist? Need a holiday or even just a break for a day or two? Have a training day, but not sure whether you can take that day off? Below are some reasons why you might need a locum.

Your pharmacist is crying out for help:

If your pharmacist has contacted you several times over the past few weeks asking for help and you have haven’t been able to get there yourself, then that is a sign you need a locum to help them out before they burn out or even walk out! This is also the very reason mistakes can happen. The workload at the store could have increased and the pharmacist isn’t being able to keep up. Bringing in a locum, will take the weight off your pharmacist and help them perform better and focus on more vital tasks at hand.

You are trying to fill a permanent role:

Sometimes trying to find a permanent pharmacist can take longer than anticipated. In the meantime, your business still needs to run as usual and you can’t be in two places at the same time. You can bring in a locum to fill in the gap, you never know, the locum might love working at your pharmacy, that they might even consider staying permanently!

You or one of your pharmacists need to take annual leave:

Everyone needs a holiday and the time has come for you or your pharmacist to have a bit of a break and you may be concerned that your business might get affected if your regular employees are on leave. Don’t worry! There are locums who do this on a regular basis varying from all skill levels. You can even request the locum to drop by earlier to get a run down of your pharmacy to give you and your team a peace of mind.

By Nivi Kent, Locum Recruitment Consultant at Raven’s Recruitment.


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